Cooper's HOA Management
Dues are assessed on a quarterly basis (Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and Sept 1).
Dues cover: Master Association Dues, HOA Insurance Policy, Common Area Maintenance, Capital Reserve for Repairs/Replacements, Sewer, Cable TV & Internet and all things pertaining to maintaining the HOA.
Trash should be taken to the dumpster, down the ramp, to the right.
House pets may be kept by owners only, and are limited to two dogs and/or two house cats. The aggregate weight of pets is not to exceed 100 lbs. No pets are allowed to be bred. All pets must be registered with the HOA, which requires a photo of the pet and proper collar tag. Non-owner occupied condominiums (i.e. guests or tenants) MAY NOT HAVE PETS. All pets shall be contained or otherwise controlled at all times and shall be RESTRICTED TO TWO PER HOUSEHOLD. When in any common area, dogs must be kept on a leash, but not tethered and unattended. Dogs may not be left unattended in any common areas or limited common areas. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Individual owners will be responsible to control their limited common areas (balconies, decks, and patios) so that dust, odor, and other pet nuisances do not become a problem for neighboring property owners. Fences and dog runs will not be allowed anywhere on the property. Pets which cause an annoyance (including barking) or threat to neighbors may be required to be removed. Animal privileges may be revoked immediately by the Condominium Management Committee if the owner does not adhere to the above restrictions. Summit County Animal Control laws where more restrictive shall also apply.
Basic digital cable TV and basic internet are provided through a bulk rate Comcast Contract. If you wish to expand your services beyond what is provided by the Association, please contact Comcast at (888) 895-6504. If an account number is needed, please reference the letter found through the homeowner portal. Electricity – ROCKY MNT POWER at (888) 221-7070. Natural Gas – DOMINION ENERGY at (800) 323-5517. Domestic Water service - Mountain Regional Water at (435) 940-1916 Local telephone service contractors include CENTURY LINK at (800) 223-3131 or COMCAST at (888) 895-6504.
911 is an emergency line which should be used in life-threatening or urgent situations which require the immediate presence of law enforcement, medical or fire personnel. For any maintenance emergency, place contact Coopers HOA Management at 435-649-5351.
The courtyard area and parking stalls are under the control of the Homeowner’s Association. With the exception of the courtyard parking stalls, no parking is permitted in the Project’s courtyard area or drive-ramp that provides vehicular and pedestrian access to the condominiums. Owners must park in their designated garages. If your unit’s garage is full and there are no courtyard available, owners and guests must park in Newpark Town Center parking areas or elsewhere. Due to the limited parking availability, garages must remain available for parking to unit occupants. If a garage is used for storage so as to prevent the occupant’s car from parking in the garage for more than one month, violators may be subject to fines up to the cost of locally renting an equivalent-sized storage unit. Courtyard parking stalls are available on a first-come, as available basis. A maximum of one exterior parking stall may be used by any unit, including both occupants and guests, at any given time. Any vehicle parked in the same exterior parking stall for more than seventy-two (72) hours will be towed at the owner’s expense (except as in #7, below). Any car parked in the courtyard area or drive-ramp shall be subject to towing by the Newpark Owners Association or the Condominium Management Committee at owner’s expense, in addition to the charge for the violation assessment levied by the Association. Unless parking stalls are clearly delineated, in no event may any vehicles be parked on the Newpark Town Center streets. During the snow season, vehicles must be moved daily to a clean parking space to ensure proper snow removal.
The cost of cleaning/maintaining/removing snow from your Private Balcony is not included in your HOA dues. You must not allow snow to accumulate on your patio and deck, since it can cause damage to the siding. (Please remember, you may not shovel snow off your balcony to the area below, but, at your own risk and advice from your hot-tub maintenance provider, may shovel it into your hot-tub, if your hot tub is properly inspected and checked frequently for circulation and chemicals. Consult your own hot-tub maintenance person for advice on this.)